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Get in NOW For Only 2 Payments of $549

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*the final $1500 isn't due until AFTER you land $10K*

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*the final $1500 isn't due until AFTER you land $10K*


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Only 1 Payment of $1K

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*the final $1500 isn't due until AFTER you land $30K*





Dear Rockstar Entrepreneur,

Ben here! And I have a serious question for you…

Would it be useful to YOU –  to readily  bring in an extra $30k in the next 30 days? Or EVERY 30 days if you committed yourself to getting it done?

What if you discovered this one short list of SPECIFIC businesses that have massive budgets and are HUNGRY to pay you with a crazy easy offer that you can do once and keep getting paid for it – over and over again? Would you be cool with that?

 What if you knew this one repeatable (and scalable) process that regularly lands you deals and recurring income for your agency (or landlording) biz? 

And… What if this one simple thing didn’t require you to “hard sell” anything?

In fact… Once you get this setup – you will ONLY be talking to folks who are ready to PAY YOU.  Also… don’t be surprised if you will have to turn deals away!

Let’s take a little journey through (and beyond) “renting sites” and “landlording” for a moment…

Even when times are “tough” there exists a handful of offerings that you can EASILY do. And there are specific niches that have never been better equipped to pay you.

At least one such process you will discover is NOT the standard “rank n rent” stuff. This process is very specific and requires very little effort (and ZERO SEO) and you can repeat it over and over again for quick moolah.

Even better… Ranking and Renting sites is just as valuable now as ever. Especially when you have more than one way to get a biz to start paying you quickly…

Now… The offering is easy. It is easy as heck to get results.

The hard part for some folks?

Getting clients/Closing a deal!

Not to worry. We got you covered!

Maybe you have tried a few ways of getting new deals and reaching out to clients and found it frustrating. Maybe you get anxious at the thought of having to cold call or reach out to biz owners? Maybe you find it takes too much time? Maybe this leads to total paralysis? And maybe you have a lot of awesome results you can give a biz but you have simply stalled out right in front of the finish line. Hey… It happens to the best of us.

Good news! There is a remedy to all of this…

We call it the “BULLET PROOF BIZ BLUEPRINT” and it gets you paid super FAST…

Ever since the current events began, we started combining both new and “tried and true” approaches and – despite all the “doom and gloom” – we have come to the conclusion that there are 2 types of businesses out there:

  1. Those that urgently need help staying in the game. And we have a simple method gives them the help they so desperately need
  2. Those that have emerged in HIGH-DEMAND and are flush with cash but need SERIOUS help in keeping up and maintaining the course.

In both the above categories, the best part is that you will have a very easy path that gets you paid $500-$5000+ each time without needing anything more than a few minutes of your time, the ability to follow a specific step-by-step plan, a computer, and an internet connection…

Now… Getting back to the getting paid part…

Like I said, the “offer” is really easy. 

BUT… What about getting a biz owner ready to pay you? 

This is where you will soon discover the one thing that will change your trajectory FOREVER. In both booming times and less-than-booming times alike… Imagine – having a copy/paste (virtually DONE FOR YOU) “BULLETPROOF Process” setup that required you to only take calls from biz owners who were aware of your offer and ready to pay you now. Would that be useful?

And NO… This “BULLETPROOF PROCESS” does NOT require running ads, extra SEO, spamming LinkedIN/Facebook/Twitter, or any of that other highly technical busy stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with all that. But let's get it done now and skip past all the other noise. After all – we have all been patient enough.

In fact, once you get this “BULLETPROOF” process setup – you will only have to spend a fraction of your time (minutes per day) maintaining it. It will WORK FOR YOU on virtual autopilot. Free up your time to work on what matters and get off the hamster wheel!

And YES – the “Bulletproof process” is even outsourceable – for peanuts. And even better – we will hand feed you all the things you will need. Like I said – copy/paste (virtually DONE FOR YOU) simple!

Do you wanna be able to collect $30k in the next 30 days? 

Heck… would even half that be helpful to you?

Yes? Awesome!

Here is the way this is gonna go down…
We have put together a NEW (never held before) detailed 4-week intensive coaching program.

In this intensive program, you will…

* Meet LIVE with us EVERY single week

* Get the exact map and blueprint of what to offer

* Discover a step-by-step approach to landing deals without dealing with any of the frustrating “cold calling” type noise

* Have a copy/paste (virtually DONE FOR YOU) setup of every single process you need to bulletproof your biz

* Get the detailed step-by-step process of how to position everything – so you get paid fast

* Learn a handful of niches that are HOTTER than ever right now – and what to do for them

* Know exactly who wants what 

* See how to setup something once and easily get paid – over and over for it 

* Have a process that works for you – where you ONLY talk to biz owners ready to pay you

* Confidently be able to get $500-$5000+ on-demand over and over again with no more than a couple hours of effort

* Have the power to pull in $30k+ in just 30 days – and we will give you ALL the fuel you need to make that happen!

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran – the “Bulletproof Program” will cover everything you need to succeed!

But… There is a catch!

This is NOT some randomly thrown together videos where you just watch and figure it out alone.


This is a carefully crafted, tested, and PROVEN program. And we want to be directly involved with you.

You will be held accountable and coached in a close environment with us.

Because there is only so much time – we are currently only opening this for only 35 people.

Sorry… That’s it.

And we can’t make any promises that we will do this program ever again.

You probably already know that we RARELY do these programs. Look at the last 5 years – we have only run 3 intensive programs like this…

But when we do, 3 things are to be expected:

1. We normally do these intensive programs for $5k to $10k+

2. We work our butts off (and hold you to a high standard) to help you get everything you need to get RESULTS

3. They fill up fast – EVERY SINGLE TIME

Because we only want to work with the RIGHT people. And because we are so highly confident that this is the real deal, we decided to put our own money where our mouths are…

Here is what we are gonna do for the 35 smart people who join us…
We are gonna do a “Rockstar Scholarship” Where we are setting the admission at half-off – which comes out to just $2,500

(but there is a BIG KICKER)…

You can join this program for only $1k to get in!
And you will only cover the remainder of the tuition AFTER you land your next $30k in deals from following the program.

Now, we are making a bet and putting our faith in you (and ourselves) – and we already know it’s a good bet.

Again… instead of $2,500 all upfront, your admission is only $1k to join and the rest – on the honor system – is only due AFTER you successfully land your next $30k in deals using what you get over the next 4 weeks.

How’s that for confidence?

But… There is one final catch!

Do NOT even think about joining if you…
* Are not coachable
* Are not interested in being held accountable
* Are unable to commit to putting in the required effort

Still here?
Let’s do this!

PROGRAM START: February 8th…

Grab your spot NOW – before it fills up.


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