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  • The "High 5" Training Series

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  • The Money$ite Generator

    "DAM" will deploy a fully formed 5-Page Money Site - made to rank FAST!

  • The "M3" (Version 3) Creator

    In addition to a 5 page site - "DAM" will automatically deploy 2 mini sites...

  • The VideoSparker App

    Makes creating videos that rank - FAST and simple!

  • The Content LuvBomb App

    Need content to take over more top spots? You got an app for that!

  • BONUS 1: Sparkzio

    Get a 60 day 25 Site License to THE original (and only) SEO-friendly smart site builder... Already have sparkzio? See FAQ below...

  • BONUS 2: Infernio

    Get a 60 day license to the simple (and POWERFUL) infernio engine - and spread your content on autopilot. Already have it? See FAQ below...

  • BONUS 3: Digital Monopoly

    The ultimate companion to fully understand everything you need to know about owning page one of Google!

  • Special Bonus Tools & Resources

    A complete library of web-based keyword tools, content tools, and more...

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Get it NOW for Only $1997

One Payment of $399 OR…

2 Payments of $249 OR… 


*($79 for 30 days, then 4 monthly payments of $129)



Is this method Black Hat? Is this like DAM (from 2013)?

No. Unlike the original DAM (from 2013) – this whole thing is 100% above board and these methods are NOT black hat – if used as shown and intended. Just because we make it easy doesn't make it evil. Unfair? Perhaps. Evil? Not completely 😉

What if I already have Digital Monopoly?

Awesome! You are already a step ahead and this will supercharge your current efforts that much FASTER!

Do I need to already have Digital Monopoly? Or Sparkzio/infernio?

No. This program is a PERFECT
Fit for you – EVEN if this is totally new to you! And as for Sparkzio/infernio… Among the bonuses you will get with this investment is 60-Day Access to each.

What happens if I want to keep using Sparkzio/infernio after 60 Days?

Simple. After 60 days, you can easily keep them for less than $30mo a piece… And if you need more hosting and sites – or access to more, we can make it happen for peanutes. Just hit us up – we will be more than happy to help you further expand your biz!

What if I already have Sparkzio/Infernio/or both - and don't need the bonus access?

First of all… CONGRATS on already having the SUPERPOWER! Now… We have another alternative (but equally awesome) bonus for you with your choice of ~$1000 worth of 5 niche packs. After you grab this, simply hit up our help team (at and let them know about your purchase and which 5 niches you want and we will hook you up. NOTE: Only applicable to members who already have sparkzio/infernio…

How quickly can I get this working?

It is up to you and how quickly you want to consume and take action… This program is setup like building blocks – in STEPS. If you already have some familiarity with these kinds of technologies, you can start making it work within your first 24 hours. If you are a total newbie, you can still start making this work for you in your first 72 hours. 

If I already have Rank N Rock or MMF -
Do I need this?

Well… Aside from life-preserving necessities (food, water, clothing, shelter) – You don't NEED anything. BUT… If you want to have a powerfully unfair tool in your arsenal that makes it crazy easy to get results that can get you PAID – you definitely owe it to yourself to give this a real shot! 

Does this work outside USA?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Yes it does… As long as there is internet, power, and businesses – it works just about anywhere!

Will this work for any niche?

This strategy is perfect for any niche that is NOT considered a “Google Naughty Niche.” A “naughty niche” is defined as a niche that involves highly regulated (or illicit) themes. Such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, adult-themes. Other than those – this works for just about anything!

Are there any other costs involved?

Nothing out of the ordinary. You will likely want to get a domain name (if you need one) for under 10 bucks. We will recommend a couple other services you may select to use that run $5-9. And there may be some other services you might choose to use as needed. 

100% “Take Action” 60-Day Guarantee

Your investment is protected by our 60-day “Take Action Success” Policy.

 Here's how it works: You have a full 60 days to use and apply the apps and the training provided. Simply Use it and put the training to work. And after taking action from following the Exact simple steps, should you experience challenges, let us know…
 This is a “Take Action and Make it Work” Guarantee! We know you will get a massive benefit by using this program and putting its resources to work. If you have issues accessing, using, or implementing this program (software/ training/etc) or need help with the training, we will work with you to resolve it. Please contact support within the first 30 days of purchase if you are having challenges. We will work with you to help troubleshoot any issue or challenge you may have. After demonstrating your action and giving us the chance to help you resolve any such challenges, should we be unable to help you get it working, we will issue a full refund.
Please read the full terms and details here


Get it NOW for Only $1997

One Payment of $399 OR…

2 Payments of $249 OR… 


*($79 for 30 days, then 4 monthly payments of $129)


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