This will close when all seats are sold out or timer hits zero (whichever happens first)

Program Starts February 20th

With the VIP upgrade bonus – you will get extra LIVE sessions and 

DIRECT One-On-One video coaching access.

This will close when all seats are sold out or timer hits zero (whichever happens first)

Program Starts on February 20, 2023

Flex Options Available

Let Sparky Do it for you...

  • Sparky can help find and get you more high-paying clients faster and easier than ever!

  • Sparky can uncover potential clients and prospects you didn't even know existed until Sparky revealed them for you.

  • Sparky will help you find new niches and even help you decide what niches are the most profitable and make winning easier.

  • This little but powerful tool will also help you decide which cities and towns to target.

  • Let Sparky help you create unique content that would NOT have been possible to you before Sparky came into your life.

  • Having Sparky is like having your very own full-time world-famous Copywriter and researcher working for you 24/7.

  • Sparky can write attention-grabbing headlines, scripts for videos, subject lines for emails, and so much more.

  • Sparky can create all kinds of content and fulfill so many different services that you could sell/offer to businesses for big bucks!

  • Just imagine all the possibilities you can now achieve because of the power of having Sparky at your fingertips!




Flex Options Available

Whatcha Waitin For?


Here's What You Are About to Get...

  • Unlock the power of A.I. with "Sparky"

    Rather than fear the technology... You can harness it. Starting NOW.

  • Get the BIG Client Blueprint

    You will see EXACTLY how to use new tech to get BIG clients FAST...

  • Get ALL Our Swipes

    NO guessing. You will get access to all the stuff we use and be able to copy/paste your way to getting paid...

  • LIVE Interactive Coaching Sessions

    This is a fully interactive LIVE four week program. You will have access to the team of experts and we will help you all along the way.

  • Robot 101

    We will also show you other free (and low cost) A.I. platforms and opportunities to get PAID...

  • Get Access to Our Top Apps

    This includes access to special tools and resources. These include: keyword tools, content tools, and much more...

  • Bonus: Email Prospecting Apps License

    Find and reach procpects... Get paid. We have apps to make it EASY...

  • TOTAL VALUE: Over $10,000

    Our coaching programs SELL OUT at $5k. This is your opportunity to get in for a steal...

Flex Options Available




Get it NOW for Only $5,000  $2,500

Get in for just $1K or Flex Option

Program Starts on February 20, 2023




Dear Fellow Rockstar Entrepreneur,

Are you sick and tired of struggling to land high-paying clients? 

Or ANY clients for that matter?

Tired of constantly lowering your prices just to keep up with the competition? 

Do you find yourself spending countless hours trying to persuade potential clients to invest in your services, only to come up empty-handed? 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and start attracting the kind of clients who will pay you what you're truly worth?

Well, I have some great news for you…

We are offering a 4-week coaching program that will reveal to you EXACTLY how to get high paying clients with short and sweet little emails. Combine this with our brand new strategy of using video and the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence), and you will see why we are so juiced to share this with our Inner-RockStars!

And I'm not talking about chump change here…

I'm talking about clients who will pay you $10,000 or more for your services.

Heck… Even $5,000 clients quickly add up to BIG recurring revenue.

Welcome to the “Big Clients from Little Emails” Program…

Let’s simplify and demystify this whole client-getting thing… starting now.

You see, most “marketing gurus” will try to complicate things and make it seem like getting high-paying clients is some kind of black magic. 

But the truth is, it's not rocket science. 

All you need is a simple formula that works.

And that's exactly what you'll get in this completely new (never before run) LIVE program. 

We are going to hand you the exact formula we are using to attract high-paying clients with short, simple emails. This very formula will help any business owner and entrepreneur who possesses it reach new unimaginable levels in their path to success.

You'll unlearn the wrong ways of reaching out to new clients and learn how to reach and gain future clients in the most irresistible way imaginable.

And I'm not just talking about sending any old emails…

I'm talking about emails that will make your clients practically beg to work with you.

Plus, you'll get access to all our best resources, tools, and swipes… 

including EXACT copy/paste templates and scripts, so you can start getting results right away.

You will also have exclusive LIVE access to our team of experts. And they'll work with you to help you implement what you've learned and see real results in your business.

Plus… you will use all the technology we have invested millions in building…

And I'm not just going to give you the information and then send you on your way. 

You'll have our full support throughout the entire program. 

We will be there to answer any questions you have, provide guidance and feedback, and give you the push you need to take your business to the next level.

So what exactly will you learn in this program? 

Here's a sneak peek at the 4-week program:

– How to identify and target the right prospects for your offer

– The key elements of a compelling message that showcases your value

– The unfair trick to sending the “sneak attack” email (we have never shared before)

– Techniques for overcoming objections and closing the sale

– How to follow up with prospects and turn them into long-term clients

– By the end of this program, you'll have the knowledge and skills to confidently attract $10k+ clients with short simple emails, and grow your business to new heights.

And let me tell you, the results our past clients have seen are nothing short of amazing. Some of them have even seen their business triple or quadruple in just a matter of weeks.

So, if you're ready to take your business to the next level and start attracting high-paying clients who will pay you what you're truly worth, this is the program for you. 

And here's where it gets even more interesting…

I'm so confident that you'll be thrilled with the results, we are going above and way beyond the old and tired “guarantee.”

Hang tight… I’ll explain this in more detail in a moment…

Because here is the best part…

Instead of the normal $5,000 investment we usually offer for our coaching programs, which ALWAYS sell out – FAST… We are instead slashing it to half off and making this entire 4-week program available to you for just $2,500. 

That's right. For just $2,500 – you'll get four weeks of comprehensive coaching, exclusive resources, and LIVE interactive access to our entire team of experts.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. $2,500 might seem like a lot of money to invest in a coaching program. But let me ask you this: what is the cost of continuing to struggle to attract high-paying clients? How much time and money have you already wasted on ineffective strategies?

But the truth is, the information and strategies you'll learn in this program are worth 10 times that amount. This program will pay for itself in no time. Just a few successful $10k (or even smaller $5k) clients will more than cover the investment in this program, and the skills and knowledge you gain will continue to benefit your business for years to come.


Let’s make this a completely impossible to resist – sweetheart deal for you.

Remember when I said we are putting OUR money where our mouth is?

What if all it took today to join and have COMPLETE access to the entire four week program wasn’t $2,500? But instead, you can get in now for just $1,000?

That’s right. Only $1,000 to join.

What’s the catch?

Simple. After (and only after) you complete the entire program and land $30,000 in new business using the strategies you gain from the program… you will (on the honor system) agree to pay the remaining $1,500.

How is that for confidence? We are betting on you. And we know it is a safe bet once you learn and put the strategies you are about to learn to work for you.

Again… All it takes to get on the inside track with us and to get started is a simple investment of only $1,000…

And the remainder of the full $2,500 investment is NOT due until you reach $30,000 in deals from what you learn in the program. Simple as that.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the 4-week coaching program today and start attracting high-paying clients.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Take control of your business and your income. Sign up now and let's get started!

We can't wait to see the success and growth you'll achieve with the strategies and techniques you'll learn in this program. Sign up now and let's make it happen!

Yours in Business,

Ben Littlefield and Dr. Dan Ardebili

P.S. The FIRST 12 people to get in will also get a VIP Access Pass. With VIP access, you will get additional VIP only LIVE sessions with us AND you will also get a direct line to get video coaching from the team… This is a $3,000 value! FREE for the first 12 to join.

P.P.S. There are only so many seats available for this. So if you're serious about taking your business to the next level, don't wait. Sign up now before it's too late!

Program Starts on February 20, 2023


What is Sparky? How do I get it?

Sparky is our latest AI interface. He is able to handle almost all of 

our content needs and does an AMAZING job at it. 

Currently… THE ONLY WAY TO GET “SPARKY” is by joining this program today.

When does the coaching program start?

The coaching program kicks off on Feb 20th, 2023

Is this newbie friendly?

Yes! This strategy will work for the most technologically challenged and even the most advanced marketing veterans out there!

Is this a new coaching program or one you have ran before?

Brand New! We have never run this coaching program before. This strategy is something we have been keeping secret because we wanted to see just how powerful we could make it using AI (Artificial Intelligence), video and small emails. Which will open doors you didn't even know existed (we have never shared this before).
This is why we are ready to unleash it to just our Inner-RockStars!

Is this considered Black Hat?

Short Answer is NO. This whole thing is 100% above board and these methods are NOT black hat – if used as shown and intended. Just because we make it easy doesn't make it evil. Unfair? Perhaps. Evil? No!

What does the VIP Access Pass get me?

The FIRST 12 people to get in will also get a VIP Access Pass. With VIP access, you will get additional VIP only LIVE sessions with us AND you will also get a direct line to get video coaching from the team… This is a $3,000 value! FREE for the first 12 to join.

How quickly can I get this working?

It is up to you and how quickly you want to consume and take action… This program is setup like building blocks – in STEPS. If you already have some familiarity with these kinds of technologies, you can start making it work within your first 24 hours. If you are a total newbie, you can still start making this work for you in your first couple days. We developed this strategy for everyone to get the fastest success possible.

What makes this different from other programs?

This is the first time we have publically talked about using AI (Artificial Intelligence) with video and small emails along with our other strategies. This will open doors you didn't even know existed (we have never shared this before)

So… If you want to have a powerfully unfair strategy and tools in your arsenal that makes it crazy easy to get results that can get you PAID – you definitely owe it to yourself to give this a real shot!

Does this work outside USA?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: Yes it does… As long as there is internet, power, and businesses – it works just about anywhere!

Will this work for any niche?

This strategy is perfect for any niche that is NOT considered a “Google Naughty Niche.” A “naughty niche” is defined as a niche that involves highly regulated (or illicit) themes. Such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, adult-themes. Other than those – this works for just about anything!

Are there any other costs involved?

Nothing out of the ordinary. You will likely want to get a domain name (if you need one) for under 10 bucks. We will recommend a couple other services you may select to use that run $5-9. And there may be some other services you might choose to use as needed. 

Program Starts on February 20, 2023



Flex Options Available

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